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I  like scool.

by Lacey

I like the Myooseeerm.

By Jordan.

I like the Theeter in Blackburn.

By Deakon

I like Witton Park.

by Jordanna 

I like Witton park.

By Cassidy

I   like the skool.

by Alfie

I                             like           Witn porck.

I like Witton park.

by       Jorge

I like th sinam.

I like the cinema

by Alex

I like goinng   to     the      sinemers     to      wotch      snoopeey.

by    Kaicey.

I   like the     school.

by    Paige.

I like gong to town.

by Olivia

I  like                       scool.                               

by           Jacob.

I like the cinm.

by  Tyler

I like plaing in mi  bak       grodn.

I like playing in my back garden. 

by Lacie.

I like the  simrr.

I like the cinema.

by Ollie