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Very soon, the enterprise club will be uploading exclusive information about their upcoming event. It's going to be 'eggcellent'! 

Mini canvas

Mini canvas 1

This lovely canvas was inspired by the relationship between parents and their children. This particular canvas is a father walking and his daughter following. It's also topped off with a 'thanks' sticker. What more could you want?

Picture 1
This canvas was especially made for people in love. The small pink gems have been arranged to make a cute heart. It has four pink gems in the corners and a beautiful 'thinking of you' sticker. Who will you give it to?
Roses and Poses
Picture 1
This product is a glamorous photo frame covered with gems and of course roses. Your camera will take a picture, this product will frame it!
Range of Wrapping Paper
Picture 1

Smart Heart


This smart wrapping paper is for someone you love or someone in your life that represents a doveheart

Picture 1
In the Roses and Poses range, this is the largest frame [8x10 inch] and is perfect to fit a family picture. The frame is prettily decorated with roses and buttons.
Surprise Egg
Picture 1

Don't worry about dieting this Easter. Not only do you get a delicious chocolate egg, you also have a beautiful plant pot to use afterwards.cheeky 

Tasty Delights
Picture 1
This product is that good that if you eat one you will want another. A delicious Creme Egg is joined by a cute little chick in an egg cup which you can use your breakfast.